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About Us

Learning about RYN

Previously known as Rotary Interactive Quarantine (RIQ), an organisation born due to the need of connection of interact clubs during isolation. On this platform, Rotary Youth around the world shared their experiences during quarantine and inspired others with project ideas during isolation.  The goal was to create a plan of action for clubs worldwide, allowing them to continue with initiatives during these uncertain times. We were connecting Rotary Youth, sharing cultures, and opening new collaborative opportunities for international service projects.

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Due to the success of RIQ, we decided to launch RYN to keep the platform going even after the quarantine period. We: 

  • Provide a network for Rotary Youth from around the world to promote their activities and collaborate on new service projects. 

  • Use the internet to virtually connect Rotary Youth and promote their understanding by showcasing different cultures and various ways in which to work with like-minded individuals in other countries thereby nurturing and educating Global Citizens

  • Provide mentorship and guidance to Rotary Youth leaders, equipping them with valuable leadership tools and advice.

  • Create a space for Rotary Youth to collaborate with Interactors, Rotaractors and Rotarians to strengthen Rotary Youth programs.

Meet The Team


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